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Board Composition

The board will be comprised of community professionals that will offer their expertise in regard to the operation of the ECDC. The board will have representation from the following:

  • Accounting

  • Insurance

  • Community Development

  • Southwestern Community College

  • Creston Community School District

  • Financial Institution

  • Human Resources

  • Healthcare

  • MATURA & MATURA Head Start

  • Parent Representation x 3

Board Responsibilities


  • Defining the mission, vision and values of the organization.

  • Developing a strategic plan with the long-range goals and objectives.

  • Developing an annual organizational plan.

Policy Making:

  • Establishing general policies to carry out the mission.

  • Approving by-laws and operating procedures for the board.


  • Approving an annual budget.

  • Raising funds to maintain the organization.

  • Monitoring fiscal management procedures.

  • Conducting an annual audit.


  • Approving personnel policies and procedures.

  • Hiring and terminating the Executive Director.


  • Developing programs based on an assessment of community needs/assets.

Public Relations:

  • Representing the organization in the community.

  • Staying informed about community issues.


  • Conducting a periodic assessment of administrative, fiscal and program operations.

  • Monitoring programs to determine their community impact.

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