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Our goals are to provide a quality child development center that exceeds the expectations of the community, while still affordable to community members. We seek to provide a quality learning environment and engaging place of employment that will foster secure employment for those that are qualified and desire to excel with in their role at the ECDC. The committee also has the goal for a QRS rating of 5. The center will also be an active participant in our Healthy Hometown Initiatives Powered by Wellmark. Due to the above statistic, we feel this could also be a teaching opportunity of those wanting to become child care providers in the home as well. We are striving for a true community collaboration for the health and safety of our children.

Board Responsibilities

  • Spokesperson for the board.

  • Presides over board meetings.

  • Serves and leads directors.

  • Motivates and holds others accountable.

  • Principal Supervisory Contact for The Executive Director.

  • Cares for and keeps agency records and minutes.

  • Takes or is responsible for the taking of minutes at board meetings.

Vice Chairperson
  • Takes over chair functions in the event of absence, incapacity or death.

  • Assigned to chair at least on committee and may be assigned other specific functions by the chair.

  • Custodian and accounting agent for funds.

  • Oversees personnel who perform accounting functions.
  • Analyzes ongoing fiscal reports.
  • Monitors IRS and state compliance
  • Links the board to the financial records.
  • Reports to the board on compliance.

According to Quad Counties 4 Kids, there is a projected shortfall of 1,296 available spaces in the next 5 years. Our objective is to offset that number by creating a center that will double that of our current child care center space. We believe with our goal location, we could possibly expand, if needed, within two years of operation.

Measurable Outcomes

The measurable outcomes for the ECDC, would be the number of children served by the center, the employment of the staff, the Early Head Start Standards evaluation and the QRS Rating that is provided during evaluations.

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